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On-Road Racing Rules
Oval Racing Rules
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Oval Racing Rules

***We will race classes not listed with 4+ entries.  Bring your friends and make a class***

TOUR Classes

We will run any TOUR Pan Car class at our club races with 3+ Entries.  

Link:   TOUR RULES 2022/2023

Street Touring Class

1/10 Plastic tub, true budget type chassis, or vintage pre 2000s chassis, from: Traxxas, Tamiya, HPI, Redcat, RJ Speed, Associated, Losi, etc. 2 or 4wd. THIS IS A GREAT LOW COST CLASS.  Motors: Any brushed motor (12t Titan, Silver can, etc.) 8.44 Volts Max, Servo: Budget metal gear, Tire: Any rubber tire with visible tread. Any street appearing car body or stock car racing body.  Minimum weight: 1500 gm.  FWD no minimum weight.  Body Weight125 gm. (all added ballast weight must be added to the roof)  Ride height: 5mm MODS: Open to all RTR based mods. No racing parts from non RTR "type"cars.  Budget: $399 Max (New street price) for the car, battery and all upgrades (not including, radio, body, transponder, or tires).  Factory equipped brushless RTR cars are now allowed in this class, however brushless cars must remain 100% stock NO MODS OR UPGRADES except for tires, body and battery. No adjustable turnbuckles, spools etc. in brushless cars (unless factory equipped). Kits & RTRs that do not include body, tires or battery must add that amount to the total cost when calculating the budget.  All vintage slider chassis will be valued at $150.  Non performance, cosmetic upgrades will not be counted toward the budget.  The goal is to have these cars look nice, like nice modified street cars.   

Street Touring Expert

Same rules as the street touring but drivers must be experienced and have multiple wins in other classes before moving up to this expert class.  

RJ Speed Unlimited

Any currently available RJ Speed Chassis. Any stock body or pre 2000 designed body with numbers and sponsors. Any currently available brushed motor. Any esc. Any servo. Open gearing. Any lipo battery 8.44 max. Bearings, adjustable linkage, different fuel tubing and springs may be used.

Link:  RJ Speed Unlimited

5.0 Breakout

Pan Car and RJ Speed Chassis

12T Mudboss

12t Titan. OPEN GEAR, XL5 ESC 2s 8.44v Max. Any 2s Traxxas Battery or 5200mah 50c. (Following Salvas Mudboss Rules: See Section 9 Sportsman Class)

Link:  Salvas Mud Boss Rules

13.5 Mudboss 

Any 13.5 ROAR Motor. Blinky esc. 2s 8.44v Max. Following Salvas Mudboss Rules: See Section 7 Big Block)

Link:  Salvas Mud Boss Rules

Open Wheel Bandit & Mini Mudboss

  • Bandit must remain entirely stock. 
  • No cutting or modifying the chassis. 
  • No added weight to body or chassis.  
  • All suspension parts must remain in the original factory location no swapping left or right sides. 
  • Must run stock Traxxas xl-5 part# 3018R ESC with the stock 12 turn motor part TRA3785.
  • Must use stock shocks and "uncut" kit white traxxas springs (no progressive rate springs).
  • Bushings may be upgraded to bearings.
  • Slash rear hubs can be used.
  • Any stock Traxxas bandit body is allowed without the wing.
  • Mini Mudboss bodies from GT, Ultimate, J-body are allowed.
  • RJ Speed body RJS1074 is allowed with or without a supplied spoiler.
  • Any Road type 2.2 buggy wheel and tire. (Slicks, Smoothies, Anaconda's) No pin type tires! 
  • Open gearing.
  • Tire prep is allowed. 
  • No adjustable turnbuckles.

Street Stock

2wd plastic tub chassis, rear motor. Reedy 3300kv, BL-2s or TRAXXAS 12t motor. RTR Speed control, Any Road type 2.2 buggy wheel and tire. (Slicks, Smoothies, Anaconda's) No pin type tires! . Any budget servo. Any 2s battery 8.44 max voltage. Any pre 2000 stock car body. Cars must remain primarily stock. Shocks may be adjusted and or limited, fluids changed. Gyro may be used. Weight may be added. (This is meant to be a budget friendly class don't go adding expensive parts)

SR10 Stock Class

Stock SR10.  If there are enough to split the SR10's from the Street Stock Class We will run them separately.  

Link:  SR10 Stock Class Rules


21.5 Late Model 

21.5 USGT TOUR Motor, Blinky esc, 2s 8.44v Max, Open Tire, 53oz Minimum weight. 




13.5 Sprint Car 

13.5 Roar Motor, Blinky ESC, Spec Tire. 







See SK-KAR National rules link. We will run either class with 5+ Entries

Link:  SK Kar Rules





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