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Kyosho Mini-Z Racing

Stock (Near Box Stock)  

  • Everything on your car must be TOTALLY DRY (free from any oil, grease, traction compound, cleaner, etc) before touching the track, drivers who do not follow this rule will be disqualified. This rule is in place to protect the track.
  •  Chassis - Mini-Z Racer MR01, MR015, MR02, MR03, AWD
  • You can run a Kyosho MR-03 (or any of the listed chassis) 90 mm to 102 mm right out of the box.  
  • Tires -Kyosho 40 Shore Radial Tires ONLY (no slicks or other compound tires), you may use MZW37-40 (standard width) or MZW38-40 (Wide Tires) depending on the width of your wheels (must match the width of your wheel). Tires MUST BE DRY, We will tech each car to ensure the tires are fully dry before going on the track. It is important that the tire rules are followed fully to ensure the track does not get damaged. Drivers who do not comply with this rule will be disqualified and will not be able to run on the track.
  • Screws - Only box stock screws, no replacing the stock screws.
  • Body - Plastic autoscale production bodies only, no lexan, 3D printed or other types of bodies allowed. No lexan or 3D printed upgraded wings. No lexan or vented windshields. No modifications to the original body.
  • Engine Pod - LM or MM Kyosho stock plastic engine pod depending on what comes on your vehicle (no replacing what comes with your car, you may only use the pod that is included)
  • Wheels - Production plastic wheels allowed. No aluminum, delrin, or other specialty wheels allowed. Wheels must not stick out past the body
    • Rear suspension:
  • T-Plate - Stock plastic Kyosho T-Plate 
  • Spring - Stock Kyosho Springs
  • Shock - Stock Kyosho Friction Shock
  • Rear Disk Damper - Stock
  • No other suspension mods are allowed unless it comes stock with your car 
    • Front Suspension:
  • Springs - Kyosho box stock springs.
  • Stock Plastic Knuckles 
  • Steering Rod/Plate: Box Stock Plastic only. 
  • You may grease/oil kingpins however they must be totally dry externally
  • No other suspension mods are allowed, this includes flipping the front Kingpins 
  • Pinion - You may use any of the plastic pinions included in your kit RWD: (6, 7, 8, or 9), AWD: (15,17,19, 21) 
  • Spur Gear: Box stock only, no swapping spur gears. AWD cars may not use the other included spur gears for this class. 
  • Differential: Stock only, you may grease gears internally (must be Totally Dry Externally)
  • Bearings - Kyosho Box Stock Only, no modifications to the stock bearings. Oil allowed
  • Transmitter - Stock Kyosho Transmitter Only
  • Motor  - It must be an unmodified Kyosho stock white brushed motor.
  • Mini-Z stock gear differential only, grease is allowed internally but it must be totally Dry on the outside. 
  • Changes to the MOSFET, other modifications, and soldering of any connections that are not originally soldered are not allowed.
  • Must run stock Kyosho MR03/AWD board or equivalent (whatever your vehicle included out of the box), no boards that can be programmed allowed, including EVO and ASF boards.
  • Must run 4 Kyosho Speed House AAA NiMH batteries (part number:KYO71998) , No other batteries are allowed. 
  • The idea behind this class is to be able to race a mostly box stock 2wd Mini Z without modifications and to be able to be competitive with your fellow racer. If we feel you are trying to bend the rules or if your car does not fit within the spirit of the class you will be moved to the Mod class. 


    Open Mod 1/28  

  • Everything on your car must be TOTALLY DRY (free from any oil, grease, traction compound before touching the track, drivers who do not follow this rule will be disqualified. This rule is in place to protect the track.
    • Any 1/28 on-road chassis is allowed (Mini-Z, PN Racing, GL, Atomic, etc) 2wd & 4wd Welcomed.
    • Open for modified Mini-z, Atomic, PN Racing, GL, etc. or other upgrade motor and control board setup. Upgraded differentials, suspension, or chassis modifications are allowed. 
    • Tires - Any rubber production tire, no foam or silicone. No tire prep, or traction compound allowed. Tires will be teched.
    • Body - Plastic Hard body or Lexan body allowed. Lexan windshield allowed. All bodies must have the full windshield in place.
    • Wheels - Production plastic, delrin and aluminum allowed. Wheels must not stick out past the body.
    • Chassis - up to 102mm 
    • Rear suspension allowed mods - Any
    • Front Suspension allowed mods - Any 
    • Pinion - Any 
    • Bearings - Any
    • Motor Mount - Any
    • Transmitter - Any
    • Battery - Any
    • Motor  - Any
    • Differential - Any
    • The purpose of this class is to allow racers to run just about any 1/28 on-road car they would like as long as it does not damage the track.


    • May run any chassis 1:24 or 1:28
    • Oval minimum lap time will be 6.0
    • Road course minimum lap time will be set the night of the event.
    • This is a fun race we run weekly.  Typically has a cash payout.  Any lap ran faster than the minimum lap time will not count, so any car with any mod can race and compete.  This makes for some very close races and very tight battles.  
    • Typically we have a no marshall rule for this so if you crash and flip you are out of the race.  

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