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TEP2321 Trinity White Carbon 2S 5600mAh Shorty Lipo

by Trinity
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TEP2321 Trinity White Carbon 2S 5600mAh Shorty Lipo

Year after year, and race after race, the White Carbon line has been a proven winner. With wins in everything ranging from Stock 1/12th scale to 1/8th scale offroad, we definitely have a race proven battery that will fit your needs. White Carbon batteries are sourced with only the highest grade of materials so that you can be confident that you have the power to win. Not only do the packs came in various shapes and sizes,, we also offer both HV and HC models. HV means that the pack maintains a higher voltage through the run which equates to less fade and more power. The HC variants have higher than average milliamp runtime when compared to competitors. Regardless of HC or HV, all White Carbon packs are capable of a 3C charge rate. With that being said though, for safest charge and longest pack life a 1C charge rate is recommended.

This specific White Carbon 2s 5600mah battery has been designed for applications where the most mah possible is necessary. This is a perfect choice for cars such as modified buggies and even modified oval applications! 

All White Carbon batteries come with high quality Gold 5mm bullet connectors included! 

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