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by Redcat
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LAUNCH PRICE of $99.99

What is LAUNCH PRICING? We realize we are late to the small scale crawling scene and as a result, we are offering what we are calling Launch Pricing to entice the market to jump at the chance to own a competitive, highly featured, small scale crawler at an amazing introductory price of $99.99 until May 1st 2024 at which time the price will be $119.99.

Scale rock crawling has garnered immense popularity, attracting enthusiasts who relish navigating challenging terrains and conquering obstacles with specialized vehicles. We at Redcat have earned well deserved respect in the 1:10 scale crawling community by offering high-quality competitive vehicles at a reasonable price. With the Ascent-18, we have brought the same level of quality, performance, and affordability found in our 1:10 scale crawlers into the 1:18 scale crawler market. While this small 1:18 scale crawler may fit in your hand, it is extremely capable and boasts high-end features typically found in larger-scale competitive crawlers.

The Ascent-18 features ball bearings, hex drive hardware, portal axles, impressive steering angle, aluminum chassis rails, metal ring and pinion gears, machined aluminum spools, metal portal gears, 7mm wheel hexes, powerful 180 sized motor, precision metal geared micro servo, aluminum capped oil filled shocks, 750 mAh 2S LIPO battery pack and of course a Redcat 2.4Ghz radio system. We also launched a complete line of performance hop up parts that are available for the Ascent-18. We think you’ll be excited to see which performance parts we’ve decided to offer, as we think it will bring the already capable Ascent-18 to a whole new level.

Ball bearings: The Ascent-18 uses ball bearings, instead of bushings, throughout the vehicle to ensure smooth operation and longevity, setting it apart in the 1:18 scale crawler market.

Hex hardware: We have used high quality hex hardware for durability and ease of routine maintenance.

Impressive steering angle: The Ascent-18 features an impressive amount of steering. Its steering angle helps the Ascent-18 to pull through tight situations while navigating its way through gnarly obstacles.

Precision metal geared micro servo: The included Hexfly HX-M4K 4kg coreless metal gear micro servo may be small, but it packs a punch.

Aluminum chassis rails: A 2mm flat rail aluminum chassis is the perfect balance of strength and performance. It’s lightweight allows the Ascent-18 to glide over obstacles while providing a rigid backbone for stable performance.

Portal axles: Portal axles offer the benefits of increased ground clearance and reduced torque twist. Metal portal gears, ring gears and pinion gears are used to ensure the Ascent-18 runs smoothly time after time.

Machined aluminum spools: The machined aluminum spools help to maintain constant traction to all four tires.

7mm wheel hexes: 7mm wheel hexes allow the driver to choose from many popular wheel and tire options on the market today.

Aluminum capped oil filled shocks: Smooth action aluminum-capped oil filled shocks ensure consistent performance on every trail.

Powerful 180 sized motor: The included 180 size motor is the biggest motor we could fit in such a small crawler. Additionally, there are already many motor upgrade options on the market today that will drop right into this amazing little crawler.

Front tilt body: The Ascent-18's front tilt body mounting system simplifies maintenance and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The quarter turn locking mechanism makes keeping up with body clips a thing of the past.

2.4Ghz radio system: The included high quality 2.4Ghz radio system offers dual rates, channel reversing and trims for precision control. The receiver and ESC, which are built into a single compact unit, keep weight to a minimum and also maximize this tiny crawler’s chassis real estate. Ready-To-Run (RTR): The ascent-18 is completely Ready-To-Run and includes all electronics, radio, rechargeable 750 mAh 2S LIPO battery pack and charger.

Available brass performance hop up parts include: Inner portal axle box, outer portal axle box cover, servo mounting bracket, diff covers, front/rear upper links, front/rear lower links, steering link, center skid plate, and wheel hexes.

Available aluminum performance hop up parts include: Servo mounting bracket, diff covers, front/rear upper links, front/rear lower links, steering link, shock bodies, center skid plate, and servo horn.

Available steel performance hop up parts include: Steel transmission gear set.

The Ascent-18 is truly an amazing little crawler with so many customization options. We know this incredible little crawler is gonna fly off the shelves at $119.99 but we’ve still decided to go the extra mile and offer a special limited time “Launch Pricing”, for only $99.99 through May 1, 2024. We enjoy adding as much value to our products as possible for you, our customers, and we believe it’s important to provide #ScaleFunForEveryone. 


Motor Type
RC180 Brushed Motor
Forward & Reverse
Drive System
4 Wheel Drive
Ground Clearance
Chassis Type
2mm Flat Rail Aluminum
Aluminum Capped Oil Filled
Speed Control
2in1 ESC/Receiver Brushed
7.4v 750mAh LiPo with USB Charger Included
Radio System
2.4GHz Radio System

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