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PTK-2012 Protek RC 1/8 Buggy and 1/10 Truck Tire Mounting Glue Bands (4)

by ProTek
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PTK-2012 Protek RC 1/8 Buggy and 1/10 Truck Tire Mounting Glue Bands (4) 

This is a set of four ProTek R/C 1/8 Scale Buggy & 1/10 Truck Tire Mounting Bands. Too often a faulty glue bond can ruin a tire, as well as possibly damage the wheel and insert. This forces you to repair the tire, or a new set of tires. With the aid of these Protek R/C Tire Mounting Bands, creating a tight consistent glue bond is easier than ever!
These mounting bands are ideal for 1/8 Buggy Tires and 1/10 Short Course and Stadium Truck Tires and will help to make the chore of gluing tires a little easier. The bands apply pressure to the tire and keep the tire bead pressed firmly into the glue channel in the wheel. This eliminates air gaps between the tire and wheel and helps to create a strong glue bond. Plus, six equally spaced pull tabs located along the outer edge of the band allow you to easily move the bands into the position you need them in. Help avoid tomorrow’s headaches; pick up a set of ProTek R/C Tire Mounting Bands today!

Ideal For:

  • 1/8 Off-Road Buggy
  • 1/10 Off-Road Short Course
  • 1/10 Off-Road Stadium Truck

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