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Micro Pulling Competition

Micro Pulling Competition

We are very excited to announce that we will begin some micro pulling competitions Friday nights starting May 24th.  We will have the track open for practice throughout the week (if you want to come try your crawler on our sled).  We are starting out indoors and will be pulling on various surfaces, carpet, turf, CRC track carpet, etc.  We also hope to have a dirt area available soon too. 

This is brand new for us and we are hoping to have a fun time using the same vehicles we already have for crawling.  At the bottom of this post you will find all the rules and classes listed.  Like always we are open to adding classes, just bring 4 trucks and we can make a class for you. 

One fun part about this, is our entry fee is only $5 per vehicle.  Cash payout classes will be an additional $5 (cash only) but 100% of this will be paid out to the racers.  You can enter multiple trucks in the same class, enter the same truck more than once, and run the same truck in multiple classes if it fits the rules.  Should be a fun time! 

Please help us spread the word and let people know there is a new type of competition going on at 997 RC Raceway!! 

Cost to compete:
$5 Per Entry + $5 cash toward payout classes.
Novice classes $5 (No payout)

1/16, 1/18 & 1/24  4wd Class list:

  • 1500    (9 ½” )  1/16 Modified
  • 1000    (6 ½”)   1/18 Modified
  • 650      (5 ½”)   1/24 Modified
  • 500      (5 ½”)   1/18 
  • 350      (4 ½”)   1/24 
  • 250      (4”)       Mini Z
  • Class “number” is the weight in grams and the dimension is the maximum width.  All classes are factory wheel base length. 
  • We will split classes by weight first, then by scale size if we have enough entries.    

2wd Class List

  • 1500    (9 ½”)   1/16 Modified
  • 1000    (6 ½”).  1/16 Stock
  • 500      (5 ½”)   1/18 Modified
  • 250      (4”)       1/18  

Box Stock Novice Classes:

  • 250 (Mini Z)
  • 350 (1/24)
  • 650 (1/18)
  • Absolutely no modifications.  Stock, as it came from the factory.  

Build Rules:

  • 8.40v max voltage
  • Open motor, esc, gearing etc.
  • Anything used as additional weight must be hidden under the body.
  • 1 Piece commercially available rubber tires only.  If we can’t buy it, you can’t use it.  
  • Stock wheelbase only.  
  • You may utilize a longer wheelbase if it is available as a factory option for your model type.  

Competition Format:

  • Sled will be available for practice all day, prior to the competition start time.  
  • No practice after the competition begins.  


Competition General Rules:

  • A driver may enter multiple vehicles in the same class
  • A driver may enter the same vehicle up to 2 times in the same class.
  • A driver may buy back 1 time after the completion of round 1 (only this round) as an extra entry and attempt to make it to the pulloffs.
  • 1 full pull attempt per entry.  
    • Every puller has the option for 1 restart if they stop before the front of the sled reaches the 6ft default line.
  • Sled weight will remain the same until the next round of pulloffs.  

Track Setup

  • 300 ft 1:18 Scale pull distance 200” (16.66 ft)
  • We will be pulling the same distance for all classes to start with.
  • Pulling on a variety of surfaces indoors, carpet, turf, CRC etc.
  • Outdoor pulling on dirt (eventually) 
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Ryan - May 15, 2024

1:10 Scale pulling is in the works too. Likely will start out on carpet and eventually have the dirt pulling track done. We have the 1:10 sled at our track if you want to come test it out on a practice day.

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