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Looking for a beginner friendly race class? We have the answer!

Looking for a beginner friendly race class? We have the answer!

Looking to get into racing? Wanting to get back into racing? Looking for a beginner friendly race class?
We have the answer for you!
This season we are suggesting our Street Touring Class for Oval AND On-Road for anyone who may be looking at picking up a controller for the first time or just the first time in awhile. This class is meant to be a beginner friendly, kid friendly, inexpensive and a fun class that you can race on oval or on-road (or both).
What is Street Touring you may ask? Here is the basic rule set:
1/10 Plastic tub, vintage pre 2000s, or true budget type chassis from Traxxas, Tamiya, HPI, Redcat, RJ Speed, Express sport chassis etc. 2 or 4wd. THIS IS A LOW COST CLASS. Motors: Any brushed motor (12t Titan, Silver can, etc.) 8.4 Volts Max, Servo: Budget metal gear, Tire: Kit tire or any rubber tire with tread. Any street appearing car body. Minimum weight: 1500. FWD no minimum weight. ride height: 5mm, If the race director thinks your car is too "advanced" for the class you will be asked to run the unlimited class. RTR max base cost(new): $329, Max kit base cost(new) $149. Don't spend a ton of money on this class!
Some examples of just some of cars you can choose from: Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 or 3.0 (Brushed only, no VXL), HPI RS4 Sport 3, Kyosho Fazer, Tamiya, TT01E, Tamiya TT02, Redcat Lightning Stock Car, etc. Or perhaps you have an old touring car laying around collecting dust (pre 2000), now is your opportunity to get it back on the track!
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allan wolfe - January 12, 2024

I’m interested in in this too. when does this start

Genia Greenland - November 2, 2023

Can you please let me know when this starts. My family would love this. Can I purchase gift certificates?

Brick Dautermann - October 30, 2023

I’m also interested in a start date for this. My kids and I would like to join in.

Kent Phillips - September 25, 2023

When does this beginner’s season start? Interested in participating. Thank you

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