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FAN19113S Fantom 13.5 Icon V2 Spec Edition

by Fantom
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FAN19113S Fantom 13.5 Icon V2 Spec Edition

The Fantom ICON V2 Torque Works Edition 13.5 Turn Spec Brushless Motor is a refined version of the 3-Time National Championship winning, patented stator design (U.S. Patent D823,803) that provides huge torque, insane RPM, and high efficiency. Just like the original ICON-Torque, Fantom has eliminated the need for stator screws, along with other refinements to increase the advantage over your competition. Features: Works Edition: This is the premium motor, built with all available options. Works motors include all of the Team motor options, plus re-shim the rotor with Teflon® shims & spacer, the highest grade AXON X10 SUJ2 hybrid bearings, pro titanium timing adjustment screws. All test results printed and included. This is as good as it gets!! All R&D Done In The USA Patented Stator Design (U.S. Patent D823,803) Stator Design for Maximized Torque, Power, RPM, & Efficiency Super High Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula Sensor Board Designed to maximize Deviation Accuracy & Reliability Maximum Size Allowed, Pure Copper Wire, for Lowest Resistance Possible Precision Machined 1-Piece Can Design High-Inductance / Low Resistance, 3mm Aluminum, Silver Plated Collector Ring Venting & Can Designed to Maximize Heat Dissipation Premium Grade Kawasaki® Steel Stator Plates CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum End Plate for Precision Bearing Alignment Infinite Adjustable Timing (within design range) High RPM Precision Bearings 12.5mm High-Torque Rotor Meets All BRCA, IFMAR, EFRA Specifications ROAR APPROVED

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